Carabinieri and Financial Police

The 1st Scuba Diving Course for fire fighters ended with a final test in the presence of various military and civil authorities. Some of these realised the potential that this activity offered and asked their superiors whether the opportunity to receive this qualification could be offered to people working for their organisations. As a result of this, the following year, the first 12 Carabinieri and 12 Financial Police officers took part in the second course for fire fighters.
Ferraro differentiated the programs. He trained the Carabinieri in water and underwater concealment, invisible surface movements, in diving and emerging without leaving trace.
As for the Financial Police Officers, since the diving sector was expanding rapidly, it was only logical to expect that someone would have attempted to take advantage of it illicitly (which then duly happened). Therefore, they were taught how to inspect, how to identify and recover smuggled goods, how to use underwater camouflage for police operations.
Similarly to the fire fighters, the Carabinieri and the Financial Police Officers (each in their field of competence) can also pride themselves for being the first terrestrial military corps in the world to make use of scuba divers. The practical demonstration of the abilities soldiers and Officers achieved, on occasion of the final test of the 2nd Course left their Superiors surprised and greatly provoked their interest.