On October 13th 1962, Luigi Ferraro and his friend Carlos Reinberg, set up Technisub, his diving equipment factory, aiming to conquer the international market.
Innovation and quality are the key words for Ferraro, who has always wanted to offer advanced products and smart ideas for fins, masks, wet suits, spearguns and accessories. A yellow fish and compass on a black background symbolise the company's philosophy: Technology applied to diving. Nowadays, flicking through the historical collection in Technisub catalogues is like running through the history of the evolution of diving equipment.
But his philosophy is not just centred on technology. Ferraro follows the principles of an enlightened entrepreneur, who was ahead of his time. His intention was to base his relations with suppliers and final consumers on utmost seriousness and correctness by applying, at the beginning of the 60s, what will be later known as “customer satisfaction”. The same ethic is applied both in external relations with suppliers and in internal relations with staff. Profit is not the objective but one of the consequences of correct behaviour.
The close collaboration between Technisub and the French multinational La Spirotechnique, owned by Jacques-Yves Cousteau, enables Ferraro's company to extend its commercial network and simultaneously to continue his important commitment in the experimentation field. This collaboration also develops on a financial level as the French company represents part of Technisub's share capital. Ferraro directs it until 1982, when he decides to retire. His son, Paolo Ferraro is nominated President the same year and expands the Company, obtaining outstanding technical and financial results. He diversifies the Company's activities by creating a new company, Aqua Spere, which specializes in the swimming sector. He remains President until 2007, when he resigns for personal reasons.