Gino Lo Basso

Durazzo 1919 - San Donato Milanese 1986

Gino Lo Basso was an Engineer, a Senior fire fighter Officer and a Commander in several provincial capitals such as Imperia, Cagliari and Naples. He was cultured, knowledgeable and passionate about his profession.
He had a deep knowledge of laws, decrees and regulations but, most of all, he was a great diver who gained significant experience in the field. Admired by his superiors, he was loved and respected by those under him thanks to his management skills and human qualities which made him a memorable and exemplary figure for fire fighter Divers. He was the first person in charge of the National Training Centre for Divers, which was established in 1972 by the Ministry of the Interior in order to rationalize the service. This Centre, which had its own indoor swimming pool, was situated near the Fire-fighting Central Schools in Rome, and directly subordinated to the Central Technical Service.
Eng. Lo Basso, during a service submersion in the Gulf of Naples had a serious embolism, which left him semi-paralysed in his lower limbs. This handicap did not prevent him from carrying out his institutional and management duties until he reached retirement age. He was Luigi Ferraro's go-between with the Fire fighters.