The text has been extracted or summarised from: 

- "Luigi Ferraro un italiano" and "Dominare gli istinti" by Gaetano Ninì Cafiero and "Una Fiamma Negli Abissi" by Luigi Ferraro – Giorgio Chimenti. All of them published by – Edizioni Ireco – Formello 

-"Decima Flottiglia Nostra" by Sergio Nesi – Published by Ed. Mursia 

- "Le trote del Vescov dopo le navi di Winston" - by Bernardino Luiselli – Published by Ed. Annuario C.A.I. 2005  Alta Valle Brembana 

- Ferraro Family archive.


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The IANTD is an international organisation involved in diving training, expeditions for research and documentation on underwater historical wrecks such as the battleship Szent Istvan (Saint Stephan) sunk by Luigi Rizzo in command of a Mas on 10 June 1918 and the submarine Scirè belonging to X^ Flottiglia MAS sunk by the English Navy on 10 August 1942 with 11 commandos diving unit ready to attack the Haifa harbour 

The Historical Diving Society Italia is a cultural association formed by a group of enthusiasts supporter of diving activities whose aim is to preserve, protect and disseminate diving heritage. It is linked to others HDS active in the most important countries of the world.