Finding of the mini submarine - Locarno

Ferraro also contributed to another recovery, which was linked to another tragic event. This was the finding of the mini submarine known as "Tiger Shark", which disappeared with two men on board on January 16th 1965 in front of Locarno, in the Swiss area of Lake Maggiore. Even in this case, the tragedy had a great impact on the public as it happened in front of a great crowd that was waiting for the submarine to re-emerge after about half an hour, as planned. The crowd gradually became more and more anguished and desperate. The overwhelming effect on the public was also due to the fact that the submarine could not be found after searching for months and months, which gave rise to all kinds of rumours and inferences. The authorities suspended the search so citizens and relatives established a committee to prolong them with the use of private funds.
As there were no results, the town asked for the collaboration of Genoa's Diving Carabinieri unit, which sent two of its best men, Cozzolino and Bellarmino, who were lead by Ferraro and Marcante. After 15 days spent patiently reconstructing the sequence of events and diving, the mini submarine was found and brought to land. There was such a crowd that the police had to use hydrants to operate safely. The following enquiries and investigations never completely clarified the reasons behind the sinking of the submarine, for which there is still no explanation. But at least, even on this occasion, the efforts of the Italian divers provided the families of the victims with the comfort of a worthy burial.